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Our Products
Reverse Osmosis System  
Naturally osmosis process takes place between any two solution of various concentration separated by a semi permeable membrane. Always the solvent from low concentration moves towards high concentration in order neutralize the solution. This natural process can be reversed by maintaining high pressure (more than osmotic pressure) at high concentration side. Thereby removing the solvent from high concentration feed. This is called Reverse Osmosis. Esteem Hydro system offered RO plant ranging from 100 LPH TO 1000 LPH.
Ultra - Filtration  
Ultrafiltration is used for the separating foreign particle like suspended solids, colloids, bacteria and virus. Membrane between 1-100 nm is used for the filtration.

Molecular weight cut-off in (Dalton)
Microflitration >105
Ultrafiltration 103-105
Nanofiltration 102-104
Reverse osmosis 102
Sewage water treatment plant  
This is the process of converting sewage water to the water of desired quality through the series of treatment process.  
Effluent Treatment Plant  
This is the process of Treating the waste water from industries. With the series of different Treatment Methodologies it can be Used for varied purposes like gardending, Cooling Tower, etc.,

Industrial wastewater treatment covers the mechanisms and processes used to treat water that have been contaminated in some way by anthropogenic industrial or commercial activities prior to its release into the environment or its re-use.

Most industries produce some wet waste, although recent trends in the developed world have been to minimise such production or recycle such waste within the production process. However, many industries remain dependent on processes that produce wastewaters.
Water Softener  
Softeners is the process of removal of Hardness from water. Hardness is amount of Calcium and Magnesium in water  
Pressure sand filters  
In this filter, sand of different sizes from gravel to fine sand is used as media. We have set up different ranges pressure sand filter ranging from 1 M3/ hr service flow to 10 M3/hr as a Standard Flow.  
Activated Carbon Filters  
These filters are provided with Activated carbon as media for removal of odor, residual chlorine & organics.

Taste and odor, although undesirable, are generally not considered unhealthy. In recent years, however, AC filters have been used to remove some of the contaminants that have been discovered in water supplies.

AC is most effective at removing organic compounds such as volatile organic compounds, pesticides and benzene. It can also remove some metals, chlorine and radon. As with any treatment system, it cannot remove all possible drinking water contaminants.
Dual Media Filters  
Filtration is the process of removing  foreign particles and undesired suspended solids from water taking the advantage of different medias like sand , anthracite etc.., and their adsorbent property. EHS offers…

In this filter sand and anthracite of different sizes from gravel to fine sand is used as media We have set up different ranges pressure sand filter ranging from 1 M3/ hr service flow to 10 M3/hr as a Standard Flow. With our current projects We have extended our scope of work with the increased delivery
Iron Removal Filters  
Iron removal filter is  processed catalytic filtration unit where the raw water passes through the layer of compressed air, processed catalyst & quartz filter media respectively. The dissolved ferrous iron salts are converted into insoluble ferric salt and precipitated over the filter bed and then the iron free filtered water comes out.  
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